Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eyes forward: Deaf Politics resolutions for 2011


With all of the articles out there on resolutions for 2011, it was hard not to think about the inception of Deaf Politics (DP) and how far it has come. While the idea was conceived in April of last year and I started off with Twitter and Facebook, it wasn’t until October that I really hit the ground running. To illustrate, here’s a quick overview on DP’s progress from October to December 2010:
  • 31 blog posts, covering a wide range of topics, were published
  • A total of 10 different people contributed to the blog
  • Steady increase in followers/fans on Twitter/Facebook
  • Thousands in blog readership

So, I got to thinking about what I’d like to happen in 2011 and I decided I would create resolutions and a long-term plan on how to make each goal a reality. The following are what I’d love to accomplish and with continuous support from you, it is possible:

Blog posts
In order to keep readers engaged and informed, it is a goal to have at least 10 blog posts a month. This brings to a minimum of 120 posts in 2011.

For 2011, it is my goal to have 50 (or more) people contribute to the blog. A long list brings differing perspectives and a diverse range of topics.

Readership and fan base
Currently, there are 1,175 fans on Facebook and 550 followers on Twitter. I want to expand the numbers to 2,200 fans on Facebook and to over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

Launch of the official website
The specific date is uncertain. However, it is my goal to launch the official website this year. Over the coming months, I will keep you all abreast of the status as well post the occasional sneak peeks.


It has always been my dream to mold Deaf Politics into a cherished source of information accessible to anyone in the deaf and hard of hearing community. In 2010, attempts at accessibility were not up to standard. For 2011, I am committed to ensuring that the vlogs are captioned or, at the very least, committed to providing transcripts.

Here's to the new year and all that it'll bring!

If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please do not hesitate to email

Jessica Thurber graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006 with a BFA in Graphic Design and is the founder of Deaf Politics.

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